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Another Fargo Apartment Fire Blamed On Cigarette Butt Discarded In Flower Pot

A cigarette butt discarded in a plastic flower pot was the apparent cause of an apartment fire that started on a balcony and damaged two units this morning in south Fargo, Assistant Fire Chief Leroy Skarloken said.

A separate balcony fire, reported just after midnight at 2426 20th Ave. S., also may have been sparked by smoking cigarettes materials, but the cause hadn’t been determined, Skarloken said. That fire was quickly knocked down and caused minimal damage.

The second fire, reported at 6:06 a.m. at 1741 39th St. S., started in the corner of a second-floor balcony where one of the residents had discarded a cigarette between 12 and 1 a.m., Skarloken said.

Flames spread from the balcony to the siding and breached the joist space between the first and second floors. Firefighters pulled down the ceiling in a first-floor closet to reach the fire and stop it from spreading, Skarloken said.

Residents of the two apartment units escaped safely. The rest of the building wasn’t evacuated, and smoke cigarettes alarms didn’t activate because the fire was trapped in the floor space, Skarloken said.

He estimated damage at roughly $10,000 to $15,000.

Skarloken said people who smoke cigarettes on balconies or decks should discard their smoking cigarettes materials in a metal container filled with sand or water. They shouldn’t toss smoldering butts onto peat moss in a flower pot, because peat is flammable, he said.

A June 7 fire at a south Fargo apartment also was caused by smoking cigarettes materials on the balcony, and the blaze that destroyed the Galleria On 42nd apartment building last October also started on a balcony near a plastic coffee can used for disposing of cigarette butts.

In that case, no one would admit to smoking cigarettes there, and the cause was listed as undetermined.

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