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Devils Lake Joins The Smoke-free Crowd

Smokers in Devils Lake lit their last cigarette in bars across the city Thursday night.

The city’s new smoking cigarettes ordinance, which went into effect at midnight, prohibits smoking cigarettes in all public places such as restaurants, bars and truck stops. Smokers will have to venture outside of the bars or into smoking cigarettes shelters to take a puff.

The ban won’t impact Proz End of the Line and Caboose. Louise Prozinski, one of the bar and grill’s owners, said the establishment went smoke-free in May 2010.

“A lot of customers requested it,” she said.

For those businesses that waited until Friday, the effect of the ban will come over time. Numerous owners attended City Commission meetings to voice concerns over potential lost business as a result of the ordinance.

The ban was approved in December on 3-2 vote by the City Commission. The commission’s decision to go smoke-free stemmed from an advisory vote in November 2010 that showed 58 percent of residents favored smoke-free bars and workplaces.

The ordinance says businesses found in violation can be fined $100 for the first offense and $200 for the second within one year. For each offense afterward, within one year of the previous violation, owners can be fined $500.

In a news release, the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy said the city’s decision to go smoke cigarettes free will protect workers from the hazards created by secondhand smoke. Officials said people are 50 percent more likely than the general population to develop lung cancer if they work in an environment containing smoke.

The first smoking cigarettes ordinance for Grand Forks was implemented in August 2005, restricting smoking cigarettes to bars, outdoor workplaces, truck stop smoking cigarettes lounges, designated hotel and motel rooms and cigarettes stores.

A second ban that included bars, truck stop smoking cigarettes lounges and bowling alleys went into effect in August 2010. Several businesses have constructed smoking cigarettes shelters to give smokers protection from harsh winter weather.

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