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State Helping People Quit Smoking

Did you know that in the past year, one in five Knox County teens has smoked a cigarette?

The state also earned an "F" last year in cheap cigarettes prevention and cessation coverage. But TennCare and others are working to change that.

In July, the state expanded TennCare's coverage for smoking cigarettes cessation agents from just teens and pregnant women, to all people enrolled trying to quit.

"The governor has been very vocal about wanting to improve the health status of Tennessee. And this is one step toward that goal," said Kelly Gunderson, director of Communications with TennCare.

"If you think about the people that die every year from smoking cigarettes-related illnesses, even those who are non-smokers. It's just a huge huge impact on our state's health," said Sarah Harder with the Metropolitan Drug Commission.

Now the Tennessean reports the TennCare Pharmacy Advisory Committee is recommending that more anti-smoking cigarettes agents be added to the preferred drug list.

"If you really go through and use a product to stop smoking cigarettes. That you really do work with your physician and work out a plan that's actually helpful and help you succeed in," said Gunderson.

Harder says if people are looking to quit, you can do more than chewing gum or wearing a nicotine patch.

"Using the therapy and the agents are going to give you the best chance to succeed in quitting and to keep you off the nicotine in the long run," said Harder.

Smoking not only hurts the environment, it hurts wallets.

"For employers, for every smoker, it's going to cost them $3,500 for their health care benefits and lost productivity and those sorts of things," said Harder.

She adds that 46% of people in Knox County have tried cigarettes at least once.

The term cigarettes, as normally employed, refers to a tobacco cigarette, but can be utilized like devices holding in other herbaceous plants, such as eugenia caryophyllatums. A cigarette is differentiated from a cigar by its modest sizing, utilization of treated leafage, and paper wrap, which is usually white hot, though other coloring materials are sometimes usable. Cigars are mostly compiled totally of whole-leaf tobacco plant.

Rates of cheap smokes changes widely, and have altered substantially over the course of human history since cigarettes were 1st wide used in the mid-19th century. While rates of smoke have over time leveled off or turned down in the highly developed world, they continue to up-rise in evolving states. Nicotine, the main psychotropic chemical substance in baccy and therefore cigarettes, has been shown to be psychologically habit forming, although it does not generate a physiologic addiction.

Cheap cigarettes usage by pregnant women has also been shown to stimulate birth defects, including mental and physical disabilities.